Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My name is Zuhair (pronounced: Zuhair) and I am unemployed. Ramadan is upon us and I've taken it upon myself to use my free time wisely by praying taraweeh in a different Bay Area masjid every night.

What is taraweeh? That's a fair question.

My reasons for doing this are twofold. First of all, I've always been curious to see how many different kinds of mosques there are in the Bay Area. I've always been aware that they run a pretty wide spectrum, but I need to see for myself.

My second reason is to show the Islam-hating mosque-bashers out there (and there are plenty) that Muslims aren't going anywhere. We have every right to build our places of worship and have all over the Bay Area. I'm fully confident that I'll be able to find 30 mosques in 30 nights with ease.


  1. you should go the Islamic Center of Mill Valley if you get the chance (Mill Valley is just over the golden gate bridge in Marin County)

    62 Shell Rd.
    Mill Valley, CA 94941 USA

    im interested to hear your impression of it

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll add it to my list.

  3. Very interesting under taking.

    There are certain mosques that I had personally never heard about but thanks to you now I know. The one Khadija mentioned in Mill Valley was a surprise.

    Looking forward to reading your next first impression. Keep up the good work :)