Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well, it's done. 30 mosques? Check. 30 nights? Thanks to some arguably shady moonsighting, also check.

Before I continue, please check out this map I made.  It's a map detailing the locations of all the masajid I visited, just in case you're not familiar with the geography of the San Francisco Bay Area.  As this map shows, there is a mosque in each of the six Bay Area counties and you really don't need to travel more than twenty miles (and that's if you're being picky) without hitting one.  How many parts of the US can say the same?

Here's the really amazing part.  I barely scratched the surface of San Francisco, and I didn't have enough time to hit up all the mosques in Oakland.  There's also scores of masajid scattered around the Bay I didn't even bother looking up because I knew I only had 30 days.

Another cool thing is I could not have done this project 30 years ago...well, maybe if I renamed it 3 Mosques in 30 Nights.  Muslims have literally exploded onto the scene over the past couple decades and I saw for myself that each of the communities is at its own stage of development.  That's what made this project so exciting; if every mosque had been the same I would have been bored by the tenth day.

I would like to thank Mohammed Khan (gasp!  I used his first AND last name.  Relax, that only narrows it down to about 20 million men) for first planting in my head the idea to create the blog.  When I first came up with this project over a year ago, I figured I'd just leave the memories in my mind.  Now I'm so glad I didn't.

Icon, thanks for giving me the encouragement to actually start the blog.  I'd been wavering after my conversation with Mohammed, but Icon, tired of having only medical textbooks for reading material, provided the final push I needed to start publishing my thoughts.

To The Haashole, thanks for keeping me company on some of the long drives and my visits to alien mosques.  I definitely stuck out like a sore thumb at some of these masajid and it was nice to have good company to fall back on.

Finally, I'd like to announce my favorite masjid.  This masjid will be getting a share of my zakat money.  And this establishment is...

Al-Hilaal in Milpitas.

Hahahaha, no, can you imagine?  If I gave them my zakat money they'd probably spend it all on Febreeze to cover up the smell from the Dixon Landing landfill.

No, but seriously, I was most impressed by the Yaseen Foundation in Belmont.  It's a diverse community lead by a charismatic young Desi imam and a board with an Arab presence.  They've already established a beautiful little masjid and have their sights set on developing a larger property.  If they play their cards right, they're poised to overtake the MCA as the premier masjid of San Francisco Bay Area.

Thanks for reading this, because it's been a blast writing it.  Merry Eid to all and to all a good night.

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